Rugby 101

A short overview of what rugby is for anyone who has no idea.

Spectators Guide to Rugby

For friends and family who are looking to understand what their daughters are playing and what is happening on the field, here is a compact and comprehensive guide to rugby.

The Rugby Breakdown

This is a website dedicated to women's rugby news of all levels - from international to high school. It's a cool website to see what female rugby players are doing.

Training, Health, and Nutrition Tips

Series of short articles from the National Center for Sports Safety with tips covering everything from training, nutrition, running, asthma, and common sports injuries.

USA Rugby Clothing and Cleat Guidelines

USA Rugby's guidelines on what players are allowed to wear in matches. Covers clothes, jewelry, hair, mouth guards, and cleats. For any further questions please contact a coach.

Rugby Ball

This link is to a basic rugby ball from the World Rugby Shop. For anyone looking to get a ball of their own, this is perfect. We use size 5 - this goes for this specific ball or any other rugby ball you might be looking to get.